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  • Trabecular bone quality score (TBS)

    This is a unique method of diagnostics whose precision is similar to the bone biopsy but does not require any invasive procedures.

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Trabecular bone quality score

In 2006, «TBS Insight» was developed and patented by «Med-Imaps» company (France) in order to evaluate the trabecular bone quality (TBS – trabecular bone score). With combined evaluation of bone mineral density and trabecular quality, we observe an enhanced specificity and sensitivity of structural-functional bone disorder diagnostics, fracture prognostication.

As of 2011, the Ukrainian Scientific-Medical Center for Osteoporosis Problems performs TBS exams. Only at our center you may have a simultaneous bone mineral density and quality evaluation.

At the Ukrainian Scientific-Medical Center for Osteoporosis Problems, exam is performed by means of Hologic “Discovery WI”and Prodigy “GEHC Lunar WI” (USA) equipment.

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